Ex-US Ambassador to Iraq: Kurdistan’s Independence Vote “Fair”

Ryan Crocker, former US Ambassador to Iraq © Curt Cashour

The former ambassador for the United States in Iraq has hailed Kurdistan Region’s independence referendum which was held last Monday, saying the move was “fair”.

Speaking to CNN, Ryan Crocker also criticised his country’s position on the referendum in Kurdistan, saying it “may have emboldened Baghdad to take a more harsh posture than they otherwise would [have].”

The US diplomat also expressed concerns over the threats made by Iran in reaction to the referendum, saying Tehran has “the capacity to make a lot of troubles in the Kurdish region.”

“The Iranians have a different agenda in Iraq,” Crocker said. “They want to see a permanently destabilized and challenged state [in Baghdad].”

He urged Washington to play its role in deescalating the tensions arose by Baghdad and neighbouring countries to impose sanctions against Kurdistan Region.

Source: BasNews

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