Iraq Crackdown on Kurdistan: Kurds Being Expelled from Dhi Qar Province

Train station in the Dhi Qar province, Iraq © B.J. WEINER

The provincial council of Dhi Qar in south of Iraq decided on Saturday to expel over 1,000 Kurds to follow the footstep of Baghdad’s growing sanctions against the Kurds.

Citing a Kurdish resident of the province, The Baghdad Post said that the majority of the Kurds in Dhi Qar was born there, and it is illogic to force them out.

According to local sources, the provincial council has given them 48 hours to go back to Kurdistan Region.

Most of the Kurdish population in Dhi Qar work in the public or private sector or they run their own businesses.

The decision comes after Monday’s independence referendum in Kurdistan Region which bothered the Iraqi central government, who later imposed a ban against the international flights to Erbil and Sulaymaniyah airports.

Source: BasNews

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