Independent Kurdistan will create stability in Middle East: Israeli Ambassador

Israeli Ambassador Zion Evrony (l.), President Shimon Peres and Pope Francis © Courtesy

An Israeli diplomat expressed support for an independent Kurdistan on Tuesday, stating that Kurdistan independence would increase stability in the Middle East.

Israel supports the creation of a Kurdistan state which in turn would contribute to political, economic and social stability in the Middle East, the Israeli ambassador to Vatican, Zion Evrony was quoted in Khebat, a Kurdish newspaper.

The establishment of an independent Kurdistan has been discussed by the highest executive and legislative bodies, Evrony said, explaining that the Israeli support is not only in words and is an official position.

The Israeli government, parliament, political parties and people think that independent Kurdistan is a natural right of the Kurds and would eventually lead to the stability of the Middle East, Evrony added.

He praised the role of the Kurdistan Region’s Peshmerga forces in the fight against the Islamic State (IS), adding that Peshmerga proved to the world that it is an internationally recognized military force which has played a leading role in protecting all religious components.

Evrony stated that Israeli Kurds are proud of their origins and still feel they belong to the Kurdistan Region.

In an interview with Kurdistan24, Kurdish author and translator Shafiq Haji Kheder last week stated that the relations between Israel and the Kurdistan Region should be open for the sake of the long-standing political, cultural, and economic ties between the two countries.

Previously, the Kurdistan Region President Masoud Barzani in an interview with a Saudi Arabia newspaper said that “Establishing ties between the Kurds and Israel is not a crime, especially since many Arab countries already have links with the Jewish state.”

Source: Kurdistan24

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