Kurdistan Parliament Decries Turkish Assault on Afrin

Session at the Kurdistan Parliament, Erbil © Kurdistan Parliament

The Kurdistan Region Parliament on Tuesday held a session to condemn Turkish military offensive on the Kurdish Afrin Canton in Rojava (Syrian Kurdistan).

In a statement following the meeting, the Kurdistan Region parliament called on the United Nations and the international community to spare no effort in taking immediate measures and end Turkish “unjust” attack on Afrin.

It has also urged Turkey to put an end to its assaults and respect the neighbours.

“We praise the resistance of the men and women in Afrin and Rojava and wish them success,” Kurdistan 24 quoted the statement.

The session was held at the request of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) and Change Movement (Gorran).

The parliament has also ensured that the border crossing between the Kurdistan Region and Rojava remains open for transportation of humanitarian aids to those affected.

Source: BasNews

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