The Genetic Bonds Between Kurds and Jews

In 2001, a team of Israeli, German, and Indian scientists discovered that the majority of Jews around the world are closely related to the Kurdish people -- more closely than they are to the Semitic-speaking Arabs or any other population that was tested.

A Fading Generation: The Jews of Kurdistan

By the early 1950s, virtually the entire Jewish community of Kurdistan -- a rugged, mostly mountainous region comprising parts of Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Iran, and the Caucasus, where Jews had lived since antiquity -- had been completely relocated to Israel. The vast majority of Kurdish Jews, who were primarily concentrated in northern Iraq, left Kurdistan in the mass aliyah (immigration to Israel) of 1950-51.

The Other Iraq

The Iraqi Kurds' sympathy toward Israel is not simply shaped by their antipathy toward Palestinians. The Kurds view Israel as a model of a minority establishing control over its own future.

Kurdistan, the Birthplace of the Babylonian Talmud

At the beginning of the 3rd century CE, Babylon became the main center of Rabbinic studies. Academies were founded by Samuel of Nehardea and by “Rav” -- the Amora Abba Arika, a disciple of Judah haNasi.

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