Belgian FM: ‘Dialogue between Baghdad and Erbil is the only way to resolve disputes’

Foreign Ministers of the European Union met in Brussels, discussed the current crises affecting the Middle East. “Ministers underlined the importance of continuing and strengthening the EU's engagement with Iraq. The High Representative and the Commission are expected to present a proposal for a new strategy in January 2018,” according to the Council of the EU's statement.

Ahead of the meeting, Belgian Foreign Minister Didier Reynders told Kurdistan24: “We try to go further with real action from the European Union on Iraq and try not only to start rebuilding Iraq but also to go further with reconciliation and capacity for an inclusive political process for the reconstruction of Iraq. That’s maybe the most important thing, and for the rest, we will try to [continue] to fight against terror”. “About Kurdistan, dialogue between Baghdad and Erbil is the only way [to resolve disputes],” he added.

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